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Time management

In investing, this means setting reporting periods. And recalculate your funds at the end of the next reporting period. Establish regularity in monitoring the market situation in order to make current decisions.

Risk management

Since 1602, when it was founded the world’s first stock exchange, and to this day does not come up or anything better risk management than diversification. Diversification is investing in different assets in order to reduce risks. In simple words, this means the distribution of your funds among different assets.
In the cryptocurrency market, this applies not only to investing in different coins, but also on different exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.


Emotions are our worst enemy in investing. Emotions can ruin your strategy and make you do something stupid. Emotions will surely haunt an inexperienced investor. An experienced investor has just learned to ignore them. The market is regularly exposed to panic. This happens during both growth and fall. And only cold-blooded analysis can lead you to success.


You should always be prepared to lose your investment. Investing is always risky. Therefore, the most correct approach to investing is to risk only those funds that you are willing to lose.


The investor is always responsible for his decisions. An investor can read analytics, listen to experts, be aware of secret news, trust someone’s opinion, but the investor is always responsible for his money and his decisions.

Noda Research

This investment season we have already offered you 5 coins. These are BNB, DEGEN, DOT, SOL and VISION. Thanks to the current growth, now absolutely all coins bring a decent percentage of profit. Anyone who entered the trade now can take profit in full, in part, or continue to hold the position.

Join us. We offer a calm forward motion. In which you will sooner or later take your profit. However, as elsewhere, the responsibility will always rest with you.

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